To stay competitive, SMBs, which make up at least two-thirds of the global GDP, need to reduce entry and operative costs and deploy scalable infrastructures growing with their business and allowing full and monitored access to their resources regardless of the location and the internet connection used.


And indeed, cloud-based infrastructures and hosted services (data warehousing, productivity applications, CRM, ERP and even telephony systems) are getting more and more pervasive and proved once more in the last months to be key for business continuity at companies, regardless of their dimensions. Many of those are still facing the challenge of a more than overdue digitalisation of their infrastructures, which progresses slowly, as the necessary technical skills, time, and financial resources to deploy new architectures are often insufficient.


The SMBs who already perceived the benefits of new generation cloud-based and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) often refer to their Internet and/or Managed Service Provider, asking for support with a migration that would otherwise be too impactful if managed in house. But what if the Provider is a regionally active SMB, delivering services in a limited area or serving only a specific market sector, like tax counsellors’ offices, law firms, regional public administration offices, or health centres and facing the same constraints of their customers?


SD-WAN as a Service helps customers out of a vicious circle

The limitation of productivity due to inflexible network infrastructures and security protocols was and partially is still dramatic. But nonetheless, according to recent studies, 40% of the European companies try to recover from losses due to the pandemic by reducing or freezing their IT budgets, thus postponing digital transformation measures, which in return would help them out of an unpleasant vicious circle.


This is where Network Operators and Service Providers can help and where we step in by offering them a fully managed, cloud-based SD-WAN as a Service platform, through which Operators can fully overhaul their customers’ networks from day one, at no initial cost and for a competitive, recurring monthly fee. Secure VPN connections can be deployed with a mouse click, WAN/Internet links can be bundled to grant a major bandwidth increase, Zero-Trust access models can be easily implemented, productivity applications and dataflows can be prioritized through advanced algorithms and the whole redundant network can be orchestrated according to the current customers’ needs within a few minutes.


This is the promise of SD-WAN, this is the competitive advantage of Network Operators being able to support their customers as of immediately at a reasonable cost and with zero impact on existing infrastructures. This is what nacXwan can do for you.


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