Network Orchestration

nacXwan SD-WAN

The nacXwan Network Manager acts as a full-value SD-WAN Orchestrator. It was designed by our operational teams to handle all processes bound to Provisioning, Configuration, Diagnostics, Management, Reporting, RMA via a single, intuitive interface, to drastically reduce NOC complexity.

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i.Balancing - x.Channel - Application QoS

SD-WAN as a Service

These unique features embedded in nacXwan's routers allow Network Service Providers to implement customised traffic shaping and prioritization strategies, regardless the type of WAN-link. Be it the load balancing over several Internet lines, their aggregation, or the possibility to allocate bandwidth per protocol or application, customers will enjoy the highest flexibility as these settings can be modified in real time according to their actual needs.


Security & Mobility

SD-WAN as a Service

nacXwan solution delivers classic firewalling features (stateful inspection, NAT, DMZ, port forwarding etc.), powerful web filtering options with ca. 60 categories and over one billion banned URLs, as well as a mature Tunneling System, to safeguard both the remote access of the Network Operators to the CPE fleet for maintenance activities and their customers' employees working remotely.


SD-WAN Orchestration

The nacXwan Network Manager is the centralized monitoring and configuration tool for all deployed CPEs (phisical or virtual). Through different dashboards it delivers detailed, real-time information about the state of the whole fleet, based on several types of indicators and statistics.


This cloud-based application is fully dynamic, multi-tenant and allows specific network design and reporting for an unlimited number of clients, who enjoy a fully customised and secure access to their infrastructure. It also allows you to create as many desired user profiles as needed with specific rights both in terms of visibility and deployable actions in order to best adapt to the needs of each company.

nacXwan Network Manager - Statistics
nacXwan application QoS

Unique traffic shaping features

nacXwan i.Balancing Technology allows Network Operators to share the traffic load over several Internet Links by selecting the most adequate balancing algorithm through all the lines. Bandwidth allocation can also be implemented based on priority criteria. Other than at some competitors, this function is integrated in nacXwan’s routers. Combined with the Application QoS, it defines how much bandwidth is to be reserved for which essential application (or protocol) in case of line overload. All i.Balancing and application QoS criteria can be customised per customer.


x.Channel is the peculiar approach to Broadband SD-WAN by nacXwan. This option cannot be combined with the first two advanced routing features and is mainly used to aggregate several WAN-Links into one to deploy SD-WAN architectures in the data center, as it allows to distribute traffic on all the lines working as one.

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Security first, embedded!

All firewalling and web filtering features are embedded in the nacXwan solution and delivered locally through the router without involving any extra connection to the cloud or the data center for inspection activities. Security policies are deployed via the Network Manager and automatically distributed to the customer’s CPEs, which are updated several times a day.


With nacXwan’s Tunneling System (NTS), Network Operators protect via VPN (IPSec) both their connection to the customers’ SD-WAN Infrastructure and allow them to safely access their management console. At the same time VPN clients for desktop and laptops, as well as for smartphones are available at no additional cost via the Network Manager or the respective app stores.

Fully customizable

Our solution is a “white label” product. This means, regardless the number of customers you serve with our SD-WAN as a Service technology, the orchestrator platform comes with your logo and colors: no competition, no other brands than yours. Your services will be under the spotlight.

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