When you think about SD-WAN you immediately associate the notion with large, geographically distributed enterprises, or with big Telcos and Network Operators. This assumption does not seem far-fetched, as in spite the long term benefits of deploying SD-WAN architectures, such migrations generate in the short and mid-term high entry costs and add a further layer of complexity to the company’s network infrastructure during the deployment phase.


The orchestration of the full infrastructure and its continuous monitoring are additional challenges once the deployment is completed. The need to fully revamp the network infrastructure, to redefine processes, to acquire technical skills, and, on the side of Network Operators, to develop a fully new offering and promote it, with no certainty about the success of the new proposition are financial burdens, which not all Providers and Companies wish to or can afford.


Other than traditional SD-WAN Solution Providers, nacXwan devoted its SD-WAN as a Service Platform exclusively to Network Operators and MSPs. The reason is very simple: regardless the company type, sector or dimension, they all need connectivity, protected access to resources and are moving toward the digitalisation of their infrastructure and applications, by sourcing out an increasing number of services from their Internet or Hosting-Providers. Organisations which should be supported with viable solutions to encourage their customers to serenely meet digital transformation challenges, by sweeping away in a second all the above-mentioned hindering factors.

Three reasons for an “as a Service” offering tailored to Network Operators’ needs

  1. A networked distributed cloud-based infrastructure from day one

At nacXwan we firmly believe that SD-WAN architectures are the future of distributed network infrastructures as they bind the benefits of cloud-based environments, services and applications with location independent, secured, flexible and fully managed access to company resources, regardless the dimension of the organisation. With nacXwan SD-WAN as a Service solution, Network Operators and Managed Service Providers take advantage of a “ready to go” SD-WAN infrastructure, conceived as a white label platform and fully orchestrated upon their needs. Functioning from day one, the deployment grows as the number of connected nodes increases, without any risk of under of oversizing the infrastructure, thus allowing Network Operators to support from day one the digital transformation of their customers.

  1. A white labelled solution adding value to the Network Operators’ service portfolio at no entry cost

nacXwan SD-WAN as a Service solution for Network Operators comes fully featured at a monthly fee. Through a customisable multitenant dashboard the MSP or Operator have a full overview of the network and link status in real time, they can reproduce potential errors, assign roles and access privileges to specific resources of the management console according to the needs of their customers, deliver monitored networking and security services backed-up by a wealth of valuable reports, just to name a few profitable features, Network Operators can benefit from at zero entry costs.

  1. A perfect tool to leverage the existing connectivity portfolio or hosting offering

As mentioned before, all organisations, regardless their dimensions or target markets, need access to broadband connectivity to enjoy the benefits of cloud-services. This is not fun, if the available bandwidth is unsatisfactory due to local limits. With nacXwan SD-WAN as a Service solution, Operators and MSPs can leverage on their different connectivity options by binding different types of links into a single broadband channel, thus helping customers out of digital divide constraints and providing them with full redundancy for a maximum service availability.

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