SD-WAN as a Service

A breakthrough for Network Operators

Have you ever wished there was a smarter way to build a multi-tenant cloud-based SD-WAN offering in YOUR COLORS to add value to your Network Operator & MSP Services for your customers? We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

Dynamic technologies for a fully customised SD-WAN Orchestration

The feature-rich nacXwan Network Manager is the centralized monitoring and configuration tool for all CPEs in your fleet.

Thanks to different dashboards, you are aware about the state of any customer's network through several types of indicators and statistics.

Enjoy a full overview about the actual bandwidth consumption and modify QoS criteria in real time.

It supports all operation processes, from Zero-Touch Provisioning, up to configuration by template, diagnose, reporting and billing.

Monitor in real time the availability of your links to grant full business continuity to your customers.

Modify your configuration in real time by sample template for a specific uCPE or for the whole SD-WAN architecture

Configure the connection among your customer's routers and concentrators per drag & drop.

Define the available bandwidth per user, user group, protocol, application and priority of the generated traffic.

Fully customisable priority rules for your customers' network based on algorithms, single applications or application categories.

Several statistics on bandwidth consumption convey a full overview of actual bandwidth need by relevant applications or users within the network.

Priority rules can be modified with a click in real time. The same applies to link aggregation in case more bandwidth is needed.

You can define QoS rules per uCPE, host, client, user and user group or for the whole SD-WAN architecture in a few minutes.


 Over 15,500 SD-WAN nodes are currently deploying worldwide nacXwan technologies through 50+ Operators and MSPs.


 Full real-time visibility of the network status and the deployment of modifications of the network setup or of QoS rules are just one click away.


One interface to manage it all: nacXwan NetworkManager is THE breakthrough for SD-WAN Service Providers with large numbers of customers.


Add value to your Services from day one with nacXwan’s technologies covering all types of needs, regardless the size of the customers you address

Functional Completeness

All components for a complete management of SD-WAN environments are included in the nacXwan solution: SD-WAN Orchestrator, Concentrator, uCPE, API libraries, Apps.

nacXwan’s SD-WAN as a Service solution is highly integrated. It delivers at no additional cost essential features like a smart distribution of flows, the implementation of redundant Internet lines, QoS based on applications and prioritization.

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